Siemens Solution Partner

The history of our company in brief

1990 Foundation of the company Dr. Ecklebe GmbH
At first, an office of engineering consultants for planning systems of automation technology was operated. At this time the switchgears were produced by the company Fest GmbH.

In 1993 the office was relocated to the newly put up building in Reddeber. Here the company developed to a full-line provider with its own manufacturing department. Afterwards, the company specialised in complete automation solutions for plant construction and complex mechanical engineering.

In 1999 the company building had to be enlarged due to the growing number of staff. The newly built rooms accommodate engineers working places, a new CAD working place and a company own training classroom

In 2001 the company group of the Schmidt, Kranz & Co. GmbH took the company Fest GmbH & Co. KG over, and thus its share in the Dr. Ecklebe GmbH. Dr. Ecklebe GmbH has already have a long-term relationship to the firms of the company group.

Partners are the Fest AG and Dr. Klaus-Peter Ecklebe.